Sunshine Shilohs

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Anita Tricoli

Anita & Harley

I grew up with German Shepherds and have always loved them.
My first Shiloh was given to me and died at the age of 14 weeks due to a  severe heart murmur.

My heart was broken because I fell in love with this breed so much.
Their intelligence even as a puppy amazed me and I wanted another one  after losing the first one so early and so tragically.

My next Shiloh Shepherd was Harley and he would be the love of my life  and the dog that I have gone to the ends of the earth with showing  everywhere!
From coast to coast we have travelled to dog shows.

We were Top Dog in Rarities & ARBA in 2006, Top Dog in ARBA in 2005. We were in the Top Ten of NAKC, Rarities & ARBA in 2007 and Top Ten of ARBA in 2004.

After having such a wonderful male our search began for a female...

We had a Golden Retriever female that had just passed away from cancer. So we made the decision to find a breeding female that was from a Shiloh to Shiloh breeding. So we ended up contacting Becky Althoff and we got Sunshine from her.