Sunshine Shilohs

Home of THE Most Winning Rare Breed Dog In History!



Mile High's Zara of Sunshine
Owners: Yvonne Stiles & Anita Tricoli

Sunshine's Lady Mia
Owners: Anita Tricoli

Mia January 2011 

   Mia January 2011

Highland Hills Sir Yohan of Sunshine
Owners: Gail Hamm & Anita Tricoli

Yohan at 3 months of age
  3 months old puppy

Yohan 3 months old

Sunshine's Draco
Owners: Jerry Elder & Anita Tricoli

Draco at 3 months  Draco sitting at 3 months

Sunshine's Princess Belle
Owners: Pat & Godffrey Crowe & Becky Althoff


Sunshine's Sir Anthony
Anita Tricoli, Eddie & Elizabeth Cuba

PopPop 12 weeks old self stacking along fence  14.5 weeks old  Head shot 5 months

Sunshine's Lady Lexa
Dawn McCartney & Anita Tricoli


Sunshine's Princess Nalla
Edie & Elizabeth Cuba & Anita Tricoli


Sunshine's Princess Mulan
Anita Tricoli

Mulan January 2011  Mulan chillin out January 2011  Mulan January 2011  Mulan & Tianna  Mulan & Billy the cat      Mulan & Corbin 

Cactocin's Macy Rae of Sunshine
Becky Althof