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NS MSpr rCH Sunshine’s Lady Sophia aka Sophia Sire:  GVx6 NSx2 MSpr GR CH. Sir Harley of Shenandoah
Dam: NSx4 GR arbCH Catocin’s Rae Of Sunshine CGC,
DOB: 03/01/2008  height/weight 26.5/92lbs/Gray Sable Plush
Hips: Penn Hip L.23R.22
Thyroid: OFA Normal
Heart: OFA Normal (cardiologist cleared)

Augustine of Kai-Lyn
DOB: 08/22/2009   Height/weigh: 28/110lbs
Color: Dark Brown Sable, Plush
Hips: SLH-557G26M-PI HIPS Nov 4 2011 Nov 11 2011 26 GOOD
Elbows: SLH-EL340M26-PI ELBOW Nov 4 2011 Nov 11 2011 26 NORMAL
Sire: GV NS bCanCH Vision’s Chain of Comman
ICH Kai-Lyn’s Paparazzo V Windsong

Misty Mountain Shilohs and Shilohs of Kai-Lyn are very excited to announce the pairing of Augustine Of Kai-Lyn (ART2)  to  MSprCH NSbCH Sunshine’s Lady Sophia CGC.

Our Sophia is a beautifully coated, gray sable, plush female who was proudly bred by Sunshine Shilohs out of the stunning sire/dam combination of multiple top award winning, GRAND VICTORx6, Master Supreme Grand Champion, Sir Harley of Shenandoah and multiple top award winning, 4xNational Select, Grand Champion Catoctin's Rae of Sunshine.

Sophia resides with her family at Misty Mountain Shilohs in Barrington, New Hampshire.  She is truly an exceptional representation of the Shiloh Shepherd breed in both temperament and confirmation. One of her awesome assets that she brings to this breeding is her pure old line Shiloh Shepherd pedigree which carries zero outcrosses and which is built on the high excelling championship lines.

Her health certification will add an extra kick to her offspring as she carries into this breeding extremely rare low PennHip scores ranking her in the elite 100% percentile of the breed.  She is cardiology cleared with her heart and ranks normal in her Thyroid TLI numbers.

Along with Sophia’s outstanding pedigree and health statistics, she has also proven herself to the standard by doing very well in the show ring easily obtaining her Master Supreme championship and receiving early National Select status.  Her beautiful, fluid movements are always noted by the judges as she glides effortlessly across the ground with a smooth flowing gait. She often looks like she is showing off and prancing in the show ring. 

Her temperament is medium –soft creating a very obedient and highly intelligent animal. Sophie was often used as an example by the trainer in obedience classes because she was such a fast learner. She is devoted to her family, follows us around constantly and intuitively protects us from the evil chipmunks in the yard.  She does have a high prey drive and will willing give chase to things that challenge her yard.  Sophie rounds out her assets by excelling in agility class.

Some of her listed accolades are:
TSSR Female puppy of the year 2009
ISSDC National Select #1 2009
NAKC Master Supreme Champion
AKC CGC 2009

Augustine was my "pick" male of the Poppy/Chain litter, and I'm so excited about him being an up and coming stud. His temperament is wonderful! I hadn’t seen him in person in over a year, and he was completely calm, affectionate, happy, and completely trusting the day I “borrowed” him from his mom to take him for his hip and elbow x-rays. The vet was SUPER impressed with how totally cooperative he was on the x-ray table. He was a bit apprehensive as we first lifted him up, but he settled down immediately – to the point that we thought he’d gone to sleep. LOL Hands down the easiest OFA’s I’ve ever done. We had a bit of time to kill afterwards, so I brought him back to my house for a good walk around the yard and a few pictures.  He’s truly a lovely dog.  Augustine shares his home on a farm with two older female dogs and several kitties.  As a breeder, I’m extremely happy with the health and temperaments I got out of Poppy/Chain.  Augustine is a gorgeous and very sweet young male and I look forward to seeing what he produces with the beautiful Sophia.  The combination with be pulling some really great gene pools together.

Their virtues complement each other wonderfully and we anticipate large puppies with heavy bone, broad heads and exceptional structure. Sables and duals in plush coats are expected and the possibility of some blacks! Temperaments will be medium to medium-soft.  Excellent hip and health statistics can be found in both sire and dam.  This is Sophie’s and Augustine first breeding.


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